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Major improvements include the requested-by-community SOLO-PLAY mode that allows you to play PvE maps alone – and if you want, also with the brand-new Tactical Pause feature!

Also we made big improvements to applease our community´s mappers: a TRUCKLOAD of new environment assets to make your maps pretty, a much improved scripting UI, and a Playtest-Without-Uploading feature for the Map Editor… And of course lots of small fixes & tweaks.

You can get Dustwind here:

Dustwind is part of the Lunar Sale on Steam and now you can get the game with 30% DISCOUNT!

Get it now, get into battle, kick some ass! THIS IS A DIRECT ORDER FROM THE DUSTWIND STUDIOS! 🙂

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Which gear combo are YOU using to inflict chaos, death, destruction and plungers upon your enemy´s face? 🙂

Get Dustwind here, and get rockin´!

We have just brought out a new update! This one features the Valykrie – a fearsome cybernetic warrior race. And also AI-controlled bots for PvP games, as well as a matchmaking system. Check it out!

We are little silent because we are working on a new update to improve multiplayer experience and new features at the moment.

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Not sure if it´s inspired by Dustwind robots or not, but it sure is some awesome art by George Vostrikov, check it out! 🙂

Watch this map editor timelapse:
Fast as hell, we would say 🙂

For those of you who wanna watch the tournament, one of our volunteer referees will be streaming it on his Twitch channel:

A screenshot of the „At the Crater“ Coop mission by TomSirty.. It´s really cool, love what your community members come up with so far! <3

First official tournament is this sunday, Dec. 17th!
Sign up here & win a key for your friends:

Some intense PvP action going on… Might upload a video of it sometime soon 🙂

Watch here how Dustwind´s unique, grindless character system works:

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First Dustwind-inspired LARP props show up <3 Check this out!

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Players and developers having some fun on Raider Camp Coop. Fun fact: we got SO owned the wave right after that…

Listen to & download the official Dustwind soundtrack here:

By composer Sven Gerlach

Here is how combat works in Dustwind:

Wow. We are very excited. The community already created over 23 user-maps for Dustwind.

Edited: at the moment we have 12 official maps. So all together there are 35 maps in the game right now!

At 19:00 Berlin time we will be streaming live with the polish streamer Ajmi_

Join in and watch it! 🙂