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Where can I play the game?

Which engine are you using?
Unity 3D.

Q: I really like the game, how can I support it beyond buying?
A: Playing the game and being an active & friendly community member is really a lot already, as well as inviting your friends to play too. Telling influencers you might know about the game also helps it gain popularity – and you gain more opponents.
There is also the official Discord group to connect more easily with other players:
Feel free to invite others in Discord & otherwise to your games, or challenge them to some tournaments, etc.
Additionally, if you are a mapper, give the Map Editor a shot. Creating new content not only helps the community grow, but is also lots of fun to certain „crazy“ individuals! *bro-fist to all mappers*
Additionally you can share the game with your friends and review the game on Steam.

Q: Can you play the game alone, too?
A: Yes, from now on you can play the singleplayer campaign and additionally you can play some Solo-Mode missions.

Q: Can anyone who has the game use the map editor?
A: Yes, enjoy! 🙂 You can create own maps (coop or pvp) and your own singleplayer campaign.

Q: Is there any multiplayer progression & new guns now?
A: Yeah, since the Full Release, as you progress through the ranks as a player you unlock new interesting items to give to your characters. None of that fancy new stuff beats the good ol´ Plunger though…

Q: Will there be a single-player campaign
A: There is already a singleplayer campaign which we release as an update on July 25th 2019. We hope to add more stuff in the future and we hope our community will provide more singleplayer campaigns.

Q: Will there be translations to other languages
A: Curretly we are try to figure what we can do, but we don’t promise anything.

Q: Will there be one or multiple gigantic features far outside of our budget or scope, such as „open-world town-building MMO stuf“. A: No. The game is not build to be a open-world building MMO.

Q: Will there be Versions for other platforms than Windows?
A: We are discussing that possibility right now. Theoretically we have builds for another platforms (Linux and Mac), but we have to test them before activated them officially on Steam. So that we can’t promise it, but we won’t exclude it at the moment either.

Q: Will there be more official maps & some bugfixes? A: Sure, workin´ on it right now actually 🙂