Real-time tactics | Singleplayer, Coop or PvP

The world has ended! Play singleplayer campaign about surviving in a harsh world and leading a group of common people.
You don’t want to play alone? Then it´s time for you and your friends to get rekt while fighting against each other, other teams, or the Evil Computer in Cooperative mode. Come join the CLUSTERFUN! Make quick tactical decisions, create custom characters with interesting combinations of skills and gear, and dominate!
Platform: Windows
Where: Steam

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Tactical action combat

You will need your tactical thinking and just a bit of reflexes as you lead your character(s) into battle. Sneak, aim for bodyparts, use varied weapons and ammo, trick and flank your enemies, set or disarm traps, drive and repair vehicles, and try not to blow up all of your teammates! 🙂 MORE ABOUT COMBAT >>

Create and tweak your custom characters

No fixed classes, no grinding, no unlocking, NO PAY-TO-WIN. Experiment with various character builds without wasting your time. But you only get 10.000 points to spend on each character you make, so spend them wisely to find the coolest combination of skills and gear that suits you personally. Don´t worry though, you can re-stat or make a new char any time! MORE ABOUT CHARACTERS >>

A LOT of ways to kill

You get the idea. MORE ABOUT EQUIPMENT >>

Create your own maps and rulesets with ease

Dustwind is meant to be played the way YOU want to play it! Stay with the default maps and rules, or create house rules with just a few clicks. Enjoy cool maps created by others, or be a mapper yourself. Our user-friendly, Steam Workshop integrated map editor allows you to leave your mark on the game by expressing your creativity and sharing your work proudly and easily with the entire community. Power to the people! MORE ABOUT MAP EDITOR >>

Be a part of the community

Bring your old friends or meet new ones! Build clans and make alliances or face off on the battlefield. Take part in tournaments and contests, organize those if you want or just hang out with other players. We want opening the game to feel like visiting a post-apocalyptic homebase.

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