E-Mail: info@dustwind.com
Phone: +49 (0)231 610 58 98

Dimitri „Jay“ Zaitsev

CEO & Creative Director


Dimitri is a passionate designer known in the post-apocalyptic community for his multidisciplinary artworks, tutorials, and activity as a high-end costume designer and LARP group organizer.

Throughout his studies and career he has led various creative projects and gathered lots of practical knowledge in designing engaging player experiences and complex visual worlds.

Quote: „This armour has to look more neo-spartan!
Add a mohawk or something…“


Zsolt „Goat“ Kovacs

Head Programmer, Senior Developer


As code-obsessed as it gets, Zsolt used to work as a programmer while still dedicating his spare time to creating multiplayer maps for Fallout Tactics, as well as creating Coopnet, an open-source supportive application for gaming.

He owes his nickname to his stylish beard, as well as his stubbornness in finding the most elegant coding solutions.

Quote: „Ideas are like butts – everyone has one.
Now let´s get this actually WORKING!“


Konrad „Kon“ Lubieniecki

Rigger & Animator, Level Designer


Coming from an architecture background, Konrad is of course using his architect brains to find original ideas for map planning. He is also our expert for developing character creation and animation pipeline from modeling to rigging & animation, which is why we call him the Skeleton Master.

He was a 3D artist in the Afterfall development team in 2006, back then known as „Bourgeoisie: Pearl of the Wastelands“.

Quote: „Have no fear – Kon is here!“


Romina „Ro“ Cristaldo

3D Artist (Characters)


Romina is a passionate 3D artist with a special penchant for characters and outfits. She is in charge of creating humanoid characters, mutated humanoid characters, and not-humanoid-at-all characters.

Quote: „Should I give the female raider a larger CULO?“


Florin Mihai „Mike“ Alexandrescu

3D Artist (Environment), Level Designer


Mike has been in love with all the oldschool post-apo games since forever, and has a lot of experience not only as a mapper, but also as a 3D artist.

He makes sure that our tiles tile properly.

Quote: „You want these spikes to be spikey, like a snake, right?“


Johan „Croc“ Streiffert

Rigger & Animator

Johan´s second-best achievement is creating smooth and up-to-specs animations for our characters.

His FIRST-best achievement is convincing everyone that he is not, in fact, three crocodiles hiding inside of a human suit.

Also, our creative director is jealous of Johan´s beard density.

Quote: „I can´t get this sniper to stand on his feet properly, he doesn´t wanna be anything but a ballerina. “


Samuel „Sam“ Trebbin

Sound Designer & Composer


As our soundguy, sam gets to do the most fun parts – like for example recording the ambient, barely-noticeable howling of the wind, or recording the sounds of watermelons being smashed.

Smashed watermelons really make good headplosion sounds by the way. Try it!

Quote: „Hm, how about we replace our main theme with black metal?!“


Steve „Veneq“ Pierce

Concept Artist & Illustrator


Steve draws since he was a child and is madly in love with everything sci-fi. His specialty are functional, beautiful, and memorable designs of armors and characters, as well as full-scene illustrations.

Quote: „Doesn´t matter how the brush looks, it can look like a ****. It´s all about how you use it.“


Dominik „Scavenger“ Gutzeit

Concept Artist & Illustrator


An expert on all of the sinister genres from cyberpunk to post-apocalyptic, Dominik loves creepy robots most of all.

Our theory is that he might secretly be a robot himself, but whaever the truth may be, he does our robot-related concept arts.

Quote: „This is NOT a 70´s cyberpunk look, it is most definitely 80´s sci-punk!“


Marta Slupska

Concept Artist

Marta loves bugs. Not the sort of bugs that our programmer hates, but the sort that creep, crawl, and bite.

She is in charge of drawing dangerous creatures around here.

Quote: „Here´s that human cockroach thing you´ve ordered, sir!“


Suva Dominisi Degei

Concept Artist

Suva is our man for drawing massive cyborgs and rusty weapons.
He also owns a firetruck, just because.

Quote: „What´s „artists block“? I only have ice blocks.“

Team History & Philosophy

The core members of our team have met about fifteen years ago playing Fallout Tactics online. We have spent a very long time playing and excessively modding that awesome game, and as the years flew by we became best friends. We have started meeting at post-apocalyptic live events. We have also graduated and worked jobs, and some of us have even married and got kids. But one thing has never changed – our love for the post-apocalyptic setting and computer games.

The decision to leave behind our secure (and boring) jobs, to risk it all and work on Dustwind has been made as we came to the realisation that this is simply who we ARE. The only thing that will make us truly at our place in life is creating something that we deeply care about, and something that we know might really be interesting to other people who are just like us: post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, and tactical action combat fans.

Today, the post-apocalyptic genre experiences a renaissance like never before, because those who fell in love with it half a lifetime ago now have the power to create new art, films, series, books, and of course games. We count ourselves amongst those people. We want to carry the torch. We want to give back to the wolrdwide post-apocalyptic community, and help the next generation of gamers experience the same thing as we have.