When can I play an apha or a beta?

We appreciate your enthusiasm! And we respect you, our future players. Which is why we would not feel comfortable with dumping something as raw and incomplete as an early alpha on you. Once we have a balanced, enjoyable beta, we might call it „Early Access“ though.
So we are asking you to be patient- it will be worth it. The next-best thing that is going to happen is that we will make some gameplay videos to show you more of the game – so stay tuned! 🙂

How can I support you right now?

Thanks for asking! We are currently looking for a good publisher, so the best you can do right now is just subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook.
Once we receive further instructions from our robotic overlords, we shall convey them to you, too!

How will the game be played?

You will be able to play one of the five default game modes: Competitive (Team)Deathmatch, Assault Coop, Defense Coop, Capture the Gas, Territory Killswitch.
You will also be able to tweak your gameplay experience or even create whole new maps and game modes by yourself using the user-friendly map editor that comes with the game.

Which engine are you using?

Unity 3D.