Sons of Phoenix

The Sons of Phoenix are a confederation living and dying by the motto „Unite, Protect, Rebuild“. They are warriors, scientists, doctors, engineers, builders, and whatever they need to be on their quest of reuniting the remnants of humanity and rebuilding the civilization.

While supported by many, they still encounter a lot of resistance from local kingpins, raiders, or other groups which disagree with their plans or politics.

„Unite, Protect, Rebuild“

Skull Fvckers

There isn´t really much to say about the Skull Fuckers, except that they RULE. Or so do they at least insist in various decals worn on their clothes and scribbled onto walls in the territories controlled by them. Like many other gangs of raiders, they are unmannered, greedy, and violent.

Hence, negotiations with them usualy end up with them just taking all of your stuff and leaving you lying in a ditch – beaten if you are lucky, or dead if you are not.

„Skull Fuckers Rule!“

A.R.E.S. (Advanced Research for European Security)

Once the spearhead of military engineering, these scientists have survived the war inside their secret high-tech research facility. They seem rather neutral and prefer to keep to themselves, guarding the technology they develop from everyone else. Occasionally, their outside operatives can be seen going out on clandestine missions and return with artefacts.

They have never been known to hire anyone from the outside, to trade, to get involved in someone else´s conflicts, or to exchange any sort of information. Noone outside the faction really knows where their base is located, what they are researching, or why.

But one thing is certain – any madman who would try to find out too much or to lay hands on their technology uninvited would find his atoms scattered across the wastelands in no time.

„Please just move on“

Titans & Valkyries (playable races)

During the late stages of The Final War, a military research organization called A.R.E.S. (Advanced Research for European Security) has launched a program to create geneticaly and cybernetically enchanced supersoldiers – Titans and Valkyries.

Becoming purposeless after the end of the war, the remaining supersoldiers have founded a settlement known as Sparta on top of a military bunker. While the most of them stay there and live as a united community, a few have decided to live amongst humans, usually putting their magnificent bodies to work as mercenaries or members of militant groups of all sorts. A couple of them have even joined the Sons of Phoenix, and have become reliable comerades, invaluable on the battlefield.

„The spirit is strong, but the flesh is weak. We have turned our weakness into our strength.“

Genetic modifications in both Titans and Valkyries benefit extreme muscle growth and rapid healing, and as a side effect, eliminate the ageing process. The digestive system is redesgined to be fused with an internal micronuclear reactor, which gets rid of the need to feed. A second heart is installed to pump enough blood through their mighty bodies – their heart rate and blood pressure are three times those of a human.

Titan class cyborgs can reach up to 2 meters in height, and weigh up to 300 kilograms of pure muscle and metal. External attachment ports on the surface of their skin connect directly to their carbo-metallic bones, and allow for quick and easy attachment of special armour plates directly to the body.

As strong and resilient as they may be, Titans are slower than humans due to their enormous weight. Since a large part of the brain capacity is needed just to synchronize the biological organs with the mechanical ones on a sub-conscious level, most Titans tend to be not very bright in the head, and the neural paths between their eyes and their brains usually get instable, resulting in reduced perception abilities.

Female soldiers who have volunteered of the supersoldier program have been turned into Valkyries – specialized melee units. Carrying a very similar internal modifications as the Titans, Valkyries are also very hard to kill. However, they are much smaller and lighter, and thus can run and attack much faster and quieter. Also due to a smaller body size, their neural connections are not as overloaded, so they are slightly smarter than Titans on average.

Valkyries can use their blades either in closed condition, resulting in higher attack speeds, or in open condition, resulting in slower but longer-range and more devastating attacks capable of cutting even through thick armour.


These are the only robots still encountered after the end of the war on a regular basis, which is due to the sheer number of units that have been produced, and also due to their bioelectric digestive systems which convert biological matter into energy.

These vicious metallic monsters tend to be the apex predator in whatever ecosystem they occupy. They will infest an area, kill and digest everything edible in it, and then move on to another area to repeat the cycle.

Since their self-perservation protocols drive them to obtain as much energy as possible while runing the lowest risk posible, they usually settle for whatever vermin meat can be found in abandoned tunnels and bunkers, remote ruins, and alike. However in times of hunger they have also been known to attack humans.

Crawlers can communicate on short distances using radio signals, and are capable of primitive organization just like swarm insects. To make matters even worse, they carry venom injectors, which enable them to take on prey larger than themselves.

The only animal thing they cannot do is reproduce, which is good news for literally every other lifeform around.

Humanoid Bot (playable race)

These armoured bipedal robots used to be very formidable opponents during the war, especially due to their ability to use all of the regular wepons just like humans do (or better).

It is really hard to find a humanoid bot nowadays, aside of their heads hanging on the walls as trophies, to remind the proud owners that it is humans – not machines – that dominate this planet.

Scout Bot

The silent buzzing of a scout bot used to be way more unsettling for a human soldier during The Final War than gunfire or explosions.

As the name suggests, these pesky fliers used to collect valuable data on the battlefields in record time, reporting the positions of human forces to all other nearby robots about to invade an area.

But a sensor array is not the only thing that could be found aboard these quick little pests – they also used to carry light energy weapons or machineguns, as well as a set of mechanical jaws for biting the enemy at close range like a bona fide dragonfly.

The Locust

As large as a car, the Locust carries a heavy pulse gun and a mean pair of scissor-like metal jaws that can cut a human in half with no effort at all. Encountering this monster on the battlefield has been described by the survivors of the war as „a lousy experience“.

Thankfully, these harbingers of death are all extinct since the war is over… Or are they?

Dog (playable race)

A dog is a dog even after the end of days. A trusty companion that will never leave it´s master´s side, and will protect them with it´s life. And the masters tend to take care of their dogs, too. So the engineers at Sons of Phoenix have figured out a way to produce steel armors not only for the human warriors, but also for their furry combat comerades.

Also, in Dustwind a dog licking your wounds will heal them a bit, because dogs are cool.


The Frogpig (Ger.: Schweinsfrosch) is a crossbreed between the common domestic pig and the Amazonas Gobberfrog. It was genetically engineered by the Pan-European Government way before the war to be the ultimate farm animal. And as proven by the stress-test which was the unexpected apocalypse, the Frogpig program was a huge success indeed…

Frogpigs are large and slow, but strong enough to pull a plow. They eat about anything you put in front of them with pleasure (including car tires if nothing better is around), never get sick, and breed like rabits.

Due to these qualities, a Frogpig means a charming pet, a useful production animal, or a nice meal rich in high-value protein, animal fats, and vitamins. It is thanks to these literaly and figuratively well-rounded friends that the majority of post-war humans didn´t die of malnutrition.

Neither wild nor domesticated Frogpigs will attack unless provoked, and are generally a rather easy, defenceless prey. However their owners will usually protect them with their lives – a lack of Frogpigs means a lack of wurst, and a lack of wurst ist unacceptable.

Sewer Dwarf

Commonly found in dark places beneath the ground, the Sewer Dwarves usually feed on vermin and unfortunate bunker explorers. However, in times of hunger they will also come out at night in great numbers to terrorize settlements. While a single Sewer Dwarf doesn´t pose a considerable threat and can be easily overpowered even by mediocre warriors, the sheer number of these bloodthirsty mutants is what makes them dangerous. These poor and ugly creatures seem to be some form of mutated humans – however noone has yet bothered to find out more, being too busy trying not to get eaten by them.


In the days of the Roman empire, the rooster was considered a glorious creature. Rooster decals used to decorate the shields of warriors, and the bird was respected for it´s beauty and ferocity. These geneticaly modified chickens might be anything but noble, but they sure make up for it in brutality. These are not your regular farm fowl, and rather than kindly waking you up in the mornig, a pack of these now-feral creatures is likely to have you for breakfast. This is what happens when a farm animal enchancement program goes horribly, horribly wrong…

Their ability to fly is gone entirely, but they are really fast and agile on the ground, capable of running as fast as a human. Their durable, razor-sharp beaks, propelled forwards by their mighty neck muscles, can easily punch gaping holes into an unfortunate warrior with the effectiveness of a pneumatic spear. Whatever you do, don´t get pecked!


A true predator of the skies, this dragonfly is no longer interested in eating tiny insects – due to it´s size and the enormous energy supply needed to susain it, this beast needs copious ammounts of protein and fats just to stay alive. Hence, it prefers the high-value meat of warm-blooded animals such as dogs, rodents, humans, or frogpigs.


A fearsome insectoid predator of unknown origin, the Creeper can weigh up to 250kg and reach 3 meters in length. Capable of spitting acid and slashing the prey with it´s huge claws, it stands a formidable opponent even for heavily equipped warriors.

Fire has so far proven to be much more efective against them than bullets, but the best survival tactic is to just run the hell away as fast as you can.