Carbo-Metallic Armor

A state-of-the-art elite forces armor suit from before The Awakening, made from the most advanced materials which can not yet be reproduced in the New World.

Carbo-Metallic compounds are extremely lightweight, three times stronger than titanium, heat-resistant, and non-conductive. Thus, the suit offers very good protection not only from kinetic projectiles, but also from thermal and energy weapons.

A built-in target aquisition & alert system helps spotting hostile targets on the battlefield.


An experimental weapon by A.R.E.S. (Advanced Research for European Security), this blade draws its power from a standard-issue micronuclear power source, which is attached to the back of the device and can easily be replaced in field conditions.

When the trigger is pressed, the ion emitter projects a form-constrained positron wave capable of instantly disrupting molecular bonds in almost any material, slashing through hardened steel like a hot knife through butter.

Should the user run out of ammo or simply want to conserve it, they can always use the blade in unpowered mode, which is also more quiet.

Heavy Pulsecannon

Designed and assembled in a rush during the Final War specifically for the purpose of enabling human infantry to annihilate large robots, this experimental GED (Guided Electric Discharge) weapon can easily penetrate almost any armour, fry the electronics inside a machine, or make the innards of a living creature evaporate all the same.

However, since there was not much time left for optimization, it really needs a lot of power to produce what is essentialy lightning bolts, burning through a soldier´s ammo reserves in no time. During the war, heavy pulsecannon operators were accompanied by another soldier carying additional ammunition. Also, it is cumbersome, heavy, loud and slow.

But hey – lightning bolts!


What can be better than a bazooka? A bazooka with four barrels, of course! This is exactly what Konrad van Boom, the genius weapon designer from before the war thought one beautiful morning. And viola, the Quadraboom was invented to terrify infantry and vehicles alike.

Stingray Slingshot

Since it can use anything of suitable size as ammo, the slingshot is about the most economic ranged weapon imaginable. And don´t be fooled: if used properly, it can and will punch holes into enemie´s skulls just like a small firearm – with the advantage of being very silent.

This model is equipped with a pulley system which allows for longer rubbers to be used, thus increasing the power of the weapon.


This batshit-insane device was used as a breaching tool by the european SWAT units and firefighters before the war to quickly remove doors with a directed blastwave. You load a 40mm Ggrenade into the carbo-metallic head and smack a door (or nowadays, an enemy´s head). You can of course also use the hammer in unloaded condition, resulting in less BOOM. It takes a lot of physical strenght to not get the Blasthammer flying right back into your face when you use it.


This pre-war 9mm sidearm has been outfitted with a handy metal cage-n-blade construction, which makes it good for both shooting and slashing whose ever mutated visage you feel might need some quick and painful plastic surgery. Don´t count on it to be deadly against the really tough enemies though – this gun is kind of old, and it is a surprize it still can shoot at all.

Assault Vest

Twice-repaired and thrice-reworked, this used to be a light police vest a long time ago. Since then, it has been reinforced with a few more layers of para-aramid fabric, as well as some leather parts. It offers some protection against low-level firearms and melee weapons without being heavy, restrictive, or noisy.

Steel Armor

This tried and tested armour designed and manufactured after the end of days consists of a padding layer, multiple hidden para-armid fabric layers and 1mm hardened steel plating on the outside offering a decent protection level against conventional attacks.

It is a bit heavy and noisy, but all in all, it offers a good weight-to-protection ratio at an affordable price, which makes it a pretty popular armour in the Pan-European Wastelands.

Heavy Exosuit

Only a few of these full-body protective suits were made during the Final War. The multi-layer carbometallic plating protects not only the wearer, but also the synthetic muscle fibers which run on the inside of the suit, making the wearer much stronger – and allowing them to handle such a thick armour in the first place.

However, even with the synthetic muscle fibers in place, wearing this suit will make you a bit slower, and a lot noisier when you move.

Being a state-of-the-art armour piece from before the war, this suit features a target acquisition system, and a „Check-your-Six“ cam mounted on the back of the head.

Light Exopack

Made from the innards of discarded Heavy Exosuits, this „armour“ provides no more additional protection than a leather jacket. However, the synthetic muscle fibres running through the hoses along the wearer´s arms and legs mirror and emphasise every major movement, thus making the wearer faster and stronger.

KA-75 Assault Rifle

Kurkova Avtomat, a russian assault rifle first produced in 1975, has gained a huge popularity due to it´s low cost, reliability, and a good balance of features. The bullpup design allows for fast handling, while the drum magazine can hold a lot of cheap and widely available 7.62mm ammuniton.

Precise mid-rage single shots and devastating five-shot bursts are a recipe for high versatility. All in all, this is a solid, easy-to-use assault weapon.

J-37 „Snakebite“ Rifle

Fast, silent, and mean. This rifle is best suited for eliminating single targets at average-to-long distances. It´s use of the 5.56mm ammunition and a brilliant recoil reduction system allow for very precise 3-shot bursts.

A retrofitted scope array consits of an infra-red 2x scope and a normal-spectrum 5x digital scope, alowing a lot of comfort when aquring targets. The only drawback is the small magazine, holding only 10 shots.


An improvised explosive device used to rig doors or containers. Consists of a metal pipe filled with gunpowder, an ignition mechanism, and some shoelaces.

Limb Pack

Injecting this powerful healing drug will release thousands of tiny nanobots into the user´s bloodstream, and can not just restore a bit of hitpoints, but also heal broken limbs. Very handy in combat both for warriors without any medicine skill, and in case the healing must go REALLY fast.

Deployable Turret

A pre-war model deployable turret with two gun mounts. The guns mounted on a given turret can be of the same type or of different types, making it very adjustable. Unfortunately, there is no way to change the loadout in the field – it can only be done in factory conditions.

In addition to a laser targeting system the turret also has infrared, ultraviolet, and visible-specrum light sensors, which help it detecting stealthy units.


Created by wasteland mechanics from a pre-war light tank and the rests of a large muscle car, this vehicle is very universal. It is tough, but also fast for it´s size and weight, reaching up to 30km/h cruise speeds across almost any terrain. It can carry and protect up to four passengers plus gear.

A roof-mounted universal gun mount is controlled by the gunner from inside the vehicle, and can be outfitted with various weapons such as light machine guns, .50cal MGs, miniguns, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, and even pulsecannons.

All in all, a very good car for everyday use!

…And more!