We carry the torch beneath blackened skies

„We carry the torch beneath blackened skies“

The year is 2075

Twenty-five years have passed since The Awakening – a catastrophic event in which an artificial intelligence called the Mainframe has gone rogue and turned it´s robotic armies against all other lifeforms on Earth.

We barely won the war at a great cost. Ninety percent of the population, including the United European Government, have perished.
Almost all the infrastructure has been destroyed, and there has not been any contact to other continents ever since.

Various factions have formed in the chaos right after the war was over. Many of them still fight each other violently for survival and dominance – like humans have always done, and like they always will.

To make matters even worse, late side effects of various mass-destruction weapons deployed during the war have started showing – plants in many areas of the Pan-European Wasteland are dying, hitherto unseen feral mutants appear out of nowhere, and vast territories still remain uninhabitable.

As of the remaining robots – disorganized without a central computer to control them, they have defaulted to their self-perservation directives. Behaving like agressive organisms, the ones of them equipped with bio-electric digestion units were able to survive by feeding on biological matter. These relics of a once-unstoppable global menace are merely another hazard now.


Singleplayer Campaign


Note: we can only make the singleplayer campaign in case the funding we receive is sufficient for us to be able to do so.
In case it happens, the SP camapign will also be realtime, but with additional SP-only elements such as a tactical pause feature, character dialogues, merchants, and more. Read more about it here.

You start the game as a fresh recruit of the Sons of Phoenix, a confederacy dedicated to rebuilding the civilization.
You will have to prove yourself a worthy warrior and squad leader.

Your squad will be sent on various missions. Protection of towns and outposts, retrieval of important artefacts, evacuation of civilians, elimination of high-profile enemy targets, or annihilation of entire enemy bases. As the game progresses, the missions you get asigned to become increasingly more and more important for the fate of the entire region…Or maybe even the entire humanity.

Between the missions you will spend your time in Phoenix One, the homebase of the Sons of Phoenix.
There you will be able to rest, trade, resupply, or recruit new characters before heading out to your next mission.

As you progress within the storyline, new recruitable characters of various backgrounds and races will join the Sons of Phoenix.
As you gain experience and rank by completing missions with excellence, you will unlock new weapons available to you in the homebase. Sometimes you will also be able to take some additional risk and scavenge for rare equipment during your missions.

In the homebase – and sometimes even during the missions – you will meet interesting characters who will gladly share their stories
and hold casual conversations. You will also be able to access computer terminals and uncover intriguing history.